Glü Wür


is a chilean artist and performer based in Barcelona.


She started her aproach to arts by studying theatre and oil painting at school, learning diferent ways of artistic expression.


In college; sculpture and orphebrerie were her new challenge. Trapeze and aerial hoop show her the importance of body and share with people.


She discover Shibari and starts to create bonds with people through the rope, the art, travel and share.


In London, New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Santiago de Chile and cities of Spain. They are some the places where it has been her performances, where she use the ropes to sculpt her own body, as if it were from the mud.


Barcelona. Spain




Oficial Studies


-October 2013 - June 2015: Appraisal and Expertise in Gems and Jewelry. Intesa. School of Criminology of Catalonia Barcelona, Spain.

-October 2013 - June 2014: Expertise in Diamonds. Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.

-October 2011 - Junio2013: Gemmology. Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.

-March 2003 - December 2008: Visual Art. Jewelry Designer. Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.


Other Studies


2012 - June 2013: High Jewelry. School of Treball. Barcelona, Spain.

-November to January, 2012: Size Precious Stones. Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.

-March 2011 - June 2011: Traditional Berebere of Kalibia Jewelry. Massana School. Barcelona, Spain.

-March-December 2010: Swaged Stones and Jewelry. Professor Victor Muñoz. Santiago, Chile.

-October-December 2009: Autocad. Microgeo. Santiago, Chile.

-September-November 2008: Scientific Drawing. Professor Francisco Ramos. Peñalolen Botanical Garden. Santiago, Chile.

-1999 - 2002: Oil Painting and Drawing. Professor Marcy Lanfranco. Santiago, Chile

-1995 - 2002: Theatre. Professor Ricardo Lazo. Santiago, Chile



Shibari Studies


-September 2017, March 2017 & September 2016 Workshops: Shibari Eurix. Alte Börse Marzahn. Berlin. Germany.

-April 2017 Workshop: Shibari Barkas. Berlin. Germany.

-March 2017 Workshop: Shibari Nicolas Yoroi. The Garage, Madrid. Spain

-January 2017 Workshop: Shibari Isabelle Hanikamu. Gijon Spain.

-June 2016 Workshop: Self Suspension Chelsa Doll. Pugliese Hall. Barcelona.

-2016 Shibari with Miss Eris. Barcelona, ​​Spain.

-April - June 2015 Workshop: Shibari No Shibari. Barcelona. Spain.

-March 2015 Workshop: Shibari Pedro Cuerdas. Roses 5. Barcelona. Spain.

-January 2015 Workshop: Shibari Osaka Dan. The Orbit of the IO. Barcelona. Spain

-January 2015 Workshop: Shibari Nawashi Monko. The Orbit of the IO. Barcelona. Spain

-November 2014 Workshop: Shibari Akira Naka. Madrid. Spain

-September - October 2014: Workshop Shibari Bondage Erotique. Armory. San francisco California. U.S

-November 2013: Workshop Shibari Nawashi Monko. The Orbit of the IO. Barcelona. Spain


Circus Studies


-March 2011-December 2013: Aerial Acrobatic Performance. Nave Espacial. Barcelona. Spain.

-March-December 2010: Aerial Acrobatic Performance. Instructor Carolina Haiden. Circo Bufo. Santiago, Chile.

-January-February 2009: Aerial Acrobatic Seminar. Instructor Arnaldo Faundez. Santiago, Chile.

-March-December 2009: Aerial Acrobatic Performance. Instructor Daniela Horiuti. Santiago, Chile.






Circus/ Shibari Performances

Begins research with air making Aerial Circus at 2009 in Chile from 2013 onwards he entered the Shibari ropes community of Barcelona, ​​first as a model, then experimenting with Self-Suspension and combining shibari and circus to create his own perfomances. Their desire to learn and share ropes with other people makes them constantly seeking new possibilities and diferent teachers.


Explores the relationship between the limits of the body and the possibilities of his mind. Merging contemporary circus and Japanese bondage "Shibari". In his performances she shows the scenic inquiry between identity and its absence, a claim of physical diversity and a critique of the models of beauty imposed by the society in which we live.

Thus, through the self-tied of movements and self-torture, is how the artist claims freedom and diversity.


(Year of creation / name / duration / description /places visited)


2017 "Neo Geisha" 15 minutes.

Self Shibari Suspension with hot wax candle .


-Fausto. Barcelona. Spain

-Sesiones Guarrantinas, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Span

-Cabaret Onirique. Strasbourg. France

-Tattoo Circus. Barcelona. Spain

-Rai Barcelona. Spain

-Diirt, Toulouse, France.

-Tattoo Convention. Malaga. Spain


2017 "Living Flowers" 15 minutes.

Self Suspension mixture with Shibari.


-Strasbourg. France

-El Garage. Madrid. Spain


2016 "Siameses Twins" 18 minutes.

Double Self Suspension with Maya Homerton. Freak Show Shibari.


-Place des Cordes. Paris. France.

-Fausto. Barcelona. Spain

-Eurix Berlin. Germany

-Seville Tattoo Covention. Spain

-Tattoo Convention Valencia. Spain

-Tattoo Convention Malaga. Spain

-Tattoo Convention Benidorm. Spain

-Tattoo Convention Zaragoza Spain

-Sex Festival. Valencia. Spain

-Cadiz Spain


2016 "Bonding Bride" 15 minutes.

Self Suspension. Shibari.


-Sex Festival. Valencia. Spain

-Atlantis Barcelona. Spain


2015 "Big Bag" 12 minutes.

Self Suspension mixture with Shibari and fabric.


-Invisibility Festival, Barcelona, Spain

-Fuchsbau, Switzerland.

-Cabaret Onirique, Strasbour. France

-Patrick Loréa, Ateliers Ouverts, Strasbourg. France

-Bondage to Go-Go. San Francisco. California. USA

-Folsom Street Fair. San Francisco. California. USA

-Eurix Berlin. Germany

-Hell Galery. Barcelona. Spain

-Primavera Freak Barcelona. Spain.

-Konvent.0. Berga Catalonia. Spain

-El Garage. Madrid. Spain

-Calafou Catalonia. Spain

-Mutuol Gallery "Guarrantinas Sessions". Barcelona. Spain

-Anatomie Studio London. UK


2015 "Tied Shoked" 10 minutes.

Aereal acrobatics mixture with Shibari an Bamboo with 2 people from the public for the base.


-InAct. Barcelona. Spain

-Weekend Fetish. Barcelona. Spain


2015 "Freak Show" 10 minutes.

Shibari with La Condesa Sangrienta.


-Madame Jazmin. Barcelona. Spain.


2015 "No Name" 10 minutes.

Aereal acrobatics mixture with Shibari an Bamboo.


-Feria de Los Mostruos. Madrid. Spain

-Rosas 5. Barcelona. Spain


2014 "Femme Dummy" 15 minutes.

Aereal acrobatics mixture with Shibari.


-Casa Circleta. Santiago. Chile.

-Folsom Streets Fair. San Francisco. California. USA

-MBE. Armory. San Francisco. California. USA

-Bound. London. UK

-Femme Brutal. Barcelona. Spain

-Konvent.0. Berga Catalonia. Spain

-Estruch. Sabadell Spain

-Kimbaku Nigth Barcelona. Spain

-Mutant Cabaret Barcelona. Spain.

-La Orbita de Io. Barcelona. Spain.

-Atlantis. Barcelona. Spain


2014 "Lady Fox and the Moon" 10 minutes.

Aereal acrobatics mixture with Shibari.


-Manresa. Cataluña. Spain.

-Sinfonica. Cataluña. Spain.

-El Otto. Barcelona. Spain.

-La Conejera. Barcelona. Spain.

-Domo Sapiens. Barcelona. Spain.


2012 "Trio Sado" 8 minutes.

Triple Trapeze Shows. Collective Radioactive. With Cesar Ariel Diaz and Julia Nada.Barcelona. Spain


-Private parties in Barcelona. Spain.

-Kamikaze Festival. Barcelona. Spain.

-Pobre Nou Festival. Barcelona. Spain.


2012 "Viajeros del tiempo" 6 minutes.

Doble Trapeze Shows. Collective Radioactive.


-Nave Espacial. Barcelona. Spain.


2010 "Revienta mi atomo" 6 minutes.

Aerobatic hoop.


-Nave Espacial. Barcelona. Spain.

-Granollers. Barcelona. Spain.

-Cine Arte Alameda. Santiago. Chile

-Casa Bufo. Santiago. Chile.




2018 "Art of shibari" by noshibari lab.

Performance with Angela Nawa. Mutuo. Barcelona. Spain


2018 Performance "Purpurin" with Divine Putain.

Cabaret Onirique. Strasbourg. France


2018 Performance "objetización" by Serbian Bacon.

Movistar Loom Festival. Barcelona. Spain.


2018 Performance "Black Face Mirrow" by Glitch Gyals.

Málaga de Festival San Telmo school. Spain.


2017 Documentary film "Trèvols de 4 fulles" by Jo Sol.

Performance with Patricia Carmona. Barcelona. Spain.


2017 Performance "Via Lucis " with Bárbara Zagora.

Presence and dialogue are intertwined to present a performative experience from the mystique of pain through the strings. Torture, sound, word and body weave an interdisciplinary action. Barcelona. Spain.


2017 Performance "objetización" by Serbian Bacon.

Peacockrubiartfestival. Barcelona. Spain.


2017 "photo paintings" by Annette Merrild. Barcelona. Spain.


2017 "Tattoo Conventions" with Maya Homerton and Miss Eris.

Different Shibari shows. Spain.


2016 Documentary film "la Sex Reel " by Serbian Bacon.

Barcelona, Berga and Madrid. Spain.


2015 Documentary film "Vivir y otras ficciones" by Jo Sol.

Performance with Patricia Carmona. Barcelona. Spain.


2015 "Todo lo que me gusta es ilegal (jugoso), inmoral (libidinoso) o engorda" by Marc Caellas. Espacio Nyamnyam . Barcelona. Spain.




2018 "Art of shibari by noshibari lab" Cretive and collective Ropes. Barcelona. Spain


2018 "Anatomie Studio " Self Tying . London. UK


2018 "Fausto Bcn " Auto Atadura . Barcelona. Spain


2018 "Auberhaus " Self Tying . Paris. France


2018 "Jornadas hijxs de putx " Shibari . Barcelona. Spain


2018 "Bora " Cretive and collective Ropes. Andalusia. Spain


2018 "Fuchsbau " Self Tying . Bern. Switzerland


2018 "Cuerdas Alternativas " Shibari .Civic center of Barcelona. Spain


2018 "Cabaret Onirique " Self Tying . Strasbourg. France


2017 "Salon Pugliese " Auto Suspension . Barcelona. Spain


2017 "Garaje " Auto Suspension . Madrid. Spain


2016 "Garaje " Auto Suspension . Madrid. Spain


2016 "Mutuo Gallery " Shibari for beginners . Barcelona. Spain










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