Big Cilicio/ Belt

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You can use this  Cilicio on belt, hip or chest.

Stainless steel / 65- 70 centimeters  long / 

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Cilicio or Sackcloth is traditionally shirt or tunic made from a rough fabric made from Cilician goat hair, of there is the name. Cilicia was a Roman province located in the southeast of Asia Minor, today corresponds to the Anatolian peninsula, Turkey.

The tradition says it was Saint Catherine of Siena created the Cilicios as an instrument of penance consisting of a metal chain or a necklace with points. She succeeded in spreading the use of Cilicios as a discipline of bodily religious mortification, in addition to seeking closeness to God, served to dominate sensuality and outbursts.

Now the Cilicios is a jewel that is used in BDSM, consisting of a band of intertwined rings with small tips on one side that is normally placed on the thigh, neck or arm, it is adjusted and those small stingers are nailed in the skin without going through it. As it is an instrument of mortification, it is usually imposed for a period of time, always depending on the activity what you are going to do.
It is present throughout the time of use, it is one of those things that does not let the person who uses it forget that they are wearing it, putting their discipline, their endurance and enjoyment to the test. It leaves very peculiar marks and sometimes forms a small constellation of dots on the skin.

All Cilicios presented here have been manufactured by my hands in Stainless Steel 3.04 with silk rope.

All metal parts have been cut, filed, bent and assembled one by one. The measurements given in the description of each Cilice are totally indicative, they are handmade pieces and there is no cilice exactly the same as the other.
I’ll make yours the moment you buy it and send you a fresh one.

If the measurements you need are not those of the description, contact me can be made totally à la carte, even with the metal you want.

We assume no responsibility for any consequences, directly or indirectly related to any action you can use with the products of this store. 

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